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Looking to smurf already? You’ve come to the right place!

My Own Smurf is a one stop destination for the widest range of smurf accounts that you can have for CSGO, Valorant, PUBG, and GTA V. For starters, a trusted smurf account presents before unseen possibilities with your gaming. From competing with friends in another region to freedom from ELO hell, unlocking newly released champions and strategies, and still carrying on despite the main LoL ban-there’s a lot you can achieve from smurfing.Choose your smurf warrior of choice from our affordable and awesome range of accounts:

  • CSGO Prime
  • CSGO High Tier
  • CSGO High Hour
  • Valorant Accounts

Gamers worth their salt know the right help at the right time can create a legacy. If you’re a gamer who “talks the talk and walks the walk”, smurfs could be your go-to-thing for maximum entertainment. Don’t wait! Take your pick before someone else does!

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:(CSGO) expands upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 19 years ago. CS: GO features new maps, characters, weapons, and game modes, and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content (de_dust2, etc.).CGSO Prime Account,CGSO High Tier,CGSO High Hour,Valourant Accounts.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2021) – Gameplay (PC UHD) [4K60FPS]

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Buy CSGO Prime Accounts

When it comes to popularity and having massive fan bases, CSGO is the stuff of legends. One of the biggest names in the world of first-person-shooter games, CSGO competitions attract millions of gamers all around the world.

So, it’s a lot more challenging to make it big among pro gamers worldwide. This is where our CSGO Prime Accounts have your back—designed specifically to give gamers of all shapes and sizes the chance to challenge, beat, and become far superior gamers, buying our CSGO Prime Accounts will instantly elevate your gaming stats.
With our CSGO Prime smurfs, you just play smarter, not harder—let us do the hard work and give you high-ranked, awesome accounts, which will let you play over and above your usual league.

Our CSGO Prime Accounts let you interact with millions of players globally without having to scout for rival gamers worth your time and effort. And while there are other smurfs in the Smurf Village, our Prime Smurf Accounts give you the best in-game experience out there.
And, they don’t make you wait either!
With our Prime Accounts, you can dive headfirst into any challenge you want. They are ready and set to help you achieve gaming greatness instantly.
We provide various Prime Accounts with different skill sets for different players. You can also select whichever rank or skill suits your gaming needs best and go for that Prime Account to get the best gaming experience money can buy.
In this cut-throat world of CSGO gaming, own a smurf before your rivals own you!

CSGO Prime Accounts Are Instantly Playable

CSGO’s popularity makes it one of the most widely played games, making it insanely time-consuming and difficult to establish your dominance on the battlefield. For a mid-level gamer, it takes many times the elbow grease to get to the top.

So get out of your non-Prime batch and graduate to a Prime level right now, instead of slogging at the bottom—our Prime Accounts are ready for their competition right from the get-go, which means a hassle- and restriction-free entry into the big leagues!
Myownsmurfs provide one of the most seamless services and a wide range of awesome Prime Accounts, made accessible for gamers worldwide. If you’re looking for a Prime Account tailor-made to suit your gaming style and skill set, that also helps you locate rivals worth challenging, look no further—we at myownsmurfs guarantee that you’ll find your perfect match!

Safe Gameplay With CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO’s popularity is often a drawback as it attracts a lot of unwanted attention. Gamers often encounter negative characters trying to conduct illicit activities. This can be especially troublesome for newer players who don’t have the expertise or experience to screen such issues out. The Prime status of myownsmurfs accounts gives you added protection against all such external hacks.
Our Prime Accounts attract clean-playing rival gamers who won’t hamper your ranking or gaming style. Unlike non-Prime Accounts that are not designed to keep illegal gamers at bay, our Prime Accounts only match you with the cream of the gaming crop!

We at myownsmurfs aim to promote a safe and fair gaming community through our Prime-ranking CSGO smurf accounts, where we celebrate the game and not just winning.
We are the best-in-class smurf account makers in the market with top-ranking Prime Accounts, ensuring smoother battles with better and legit players.

However, despite this, you might encounter a few such gamers, and it is up to you to stave them off, if anything goes wrong.

Exclusive Drops For CSGO Prime Accounts

CSGO is not just popular for its competitive gameplay and quests, but also the premium in-game features that it offers. Rewards such as skins and cases can be purchased and accessed by our Prime Account users as additional perks of playing the game. Think of these purchases as investments because whatever you spend on it comes back in the form of stronger ammo that you can use in more intense battles. This makes owning a Prime Account even better, considering that non-Prime Accounts are denied access to exclusive Prime-only in-game drops and offers.

These rare gaming opportunities are what make or break a gamer. So owning a top-ranked smurf account is key to cashing in on these high-stake gambles. There are many skins and cases to be found after finishing a match or every couple of days. Our Prime Accounts ensure you don’t miss out on a single one.

These vary in price and if you’re lucky, you can rake in quite some cha-ching at contests, using them! However, it is important for every gamer to know that these drops are not designed by us—therefore, although we encourage you to get these, we do not take any responsibility for the prizes since they are purely based on luck.

Why Buy CSGO Accounts?

CSGO is one of the highest rated games in the world. A near-perfect game, CSGO has endured highs and lows and yet remains a strong community favorite. The creators have taken this game to a whole new level, creating a kind of gaming utopia, one that is constantly evolving and bringing better updates to make their fans’ experience even better.

CSGO ranks at the top of lists on popular websites, such as Google, where it has 94% positive feedback, and Steam, which rates it at a 9/10.

These ratings are based on the reviews of gamers worldwide, who have been playing the game since its launch. Owning CSGO Prime Accounts allows all you gamers no-holds-barred access to one of the most seamless gaming experiences money can buy. You can level up with our Prime Accounts and hone your skills with your friends to compete in eSports leagues that are held quarterly with top teams vying for top spots.

We not only provide you with the best CSGO prime smurf accounts, but also provide all additional assistance you may need in case there’s trouble with your gameplay.
If these are not reasons enough to own myownsmurf accounts, you probably own one already!

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